Atmospheric Trace Gases: Global Pollution

(Dr. R.M. MacKay)

There are three activities below designed to help you learn about trace gases in the atmosphere and how their concentrations are influences by their emission sources and atmospheric life-times.  

Click on the highlighted title or the corresponding image to explore each of the three activities below.   Type up your answers to all questions (include the original question). Macintosh users must use the HotJava browser to run the models within this learning module. It can be obtained for free from Sun

Part 1a.  The basics: a simple flow model (learn the basics first) Assign1(pdf_254k)

Part 1b.  Theory of trace gases in the atmosphere  Assignment2(pdf_274k)

part 1Q: questions to test your understanding

Examples from planet Earth (parts 2 and 3)

CFCAssignment(pdf_102k)                    CO2Assignment(pdf_117k)

Part 2.  Chlorofluorocarbon-12 (CFC-12) and Ozone depletion

Part 3.  Carbon dioxide build-up and global warming.

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