Tentative Schedule, Learning activities and resources, and Exam Study Guides.  Links to each week's material will be made available at the beginning of each New Exam Block.

Exam Dates
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Ch1: Earth System and Intro
Ch2: Energy transfer / Greenhouse Effect
Ch3: Seasons /Temperature control
Exam #1 available Fri Apr 28 throughWednesday  May 3
on Canvas
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Ch4 & Ch5: Humidity
Ch 5 Ch 7  fog, clouds & Precipitation 
Ch8 Air motions  Ch 9: local Wind System
Exam #2 (end of wk 6)

available Friday May 19 through Wed May 24 on Canvas

Week 7
Week 8
No Lab May 29
Ch 10: Global Wind System and Oceans
Ch 14: T-storms Tornadoes

 Exam #3 (end of wk 8)

available Friday June 2 through Wed June 7 on Canvas 

Week 9
Week 10

Ch 15: Hurricanes

Ch 13. Weather Forecasting

Ch 16: Climate Change

on Final* 


Case Study presentation June 12

  Week 11
*The Final Exam:  The final exam is comprehensive.  It will be based on 30 questions from the assigned reading and class discussion after Exam #3, and on 20 questions similar to those on the first 3 exams. 

 About 15 to 20 Questions from the labs will also be on the final and you may use your lab handouts to help you answer these.

All extra Credit is due Monday June 19.

Final available Wed June 14 through Wednesday June 21 on Canvas  

Lab Schedule    

Important Dates and Holidays


Classes Begin Apr 10 (M)
Memorial Day Holiday


Last Day of class

May 29  (M)


 June 16











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