Laboratory (tentative schedule)


Calculator  (this may be useful)  StopWatch


Week #


1 Apr 10

Water Tank and Systems Thinking

(questions on the final worth 10 pts) (8 computers  if possible)

2 Apr 17


 Solar Zenith    (  declination  shadow   House  (colored pencils, and protractoors)

(questions on the final worth 10 pts)


3 Apr 24

  Heat and Temperature  TemperatureVsHeatVideo

4 May 1

Relative Humidity Lab pdf file (questions on the final worth 10 pts)    Dew Pt & Relative Humidity Calculator    VaporPressureCalculator  InteractiveGraph  (3 computers )

5 May 8

  Cloud Physics Lab     Cloud in a bottle  GasProperties  RimeIce
(questions on the final worth 10 pts)

6 May 15

 Air PressureandBernoulli'sPrinciple  (questions on the final worth 10 pts) GasProperties    (8 computers  if possible)

Gas Laws Activity

7 May 22

    Severe Storm Lab

May 29

  No Lab meeting May 29,  Memorial Day

9 June 5

    CO2 Simulator Activity  CCFigure CarbonCycle  Plate tectonics  Subduction 

10 June 12

Case Study Presentation  (50 pts. )    







Lab Assessment:   Your performance in Lab will be assessed by some lab related questions on the final (to assess student understanding of laboratory concepts), the overall quality of laboratory reports, attendance, and participation. Details of the assessment for the laboratory portion of the course are included below.

Other related Meteorology 101 Laboratory Information


Purpose:   In most cases the laboratory activities have been selected to closely follow the topics discussed in lecture and hence will help reinforce the lecture material.  In addition, the laboratory part of the course will provide the student an opportunity to work on scientific activities with others in small groups (Life-long Learning and Effective Citizenship), learn aspects of measurement techniques and record keeping (Information Literacy), analyze observations to infer conclusions (Critical Thinking), and communicate these ideas effectively (Communication).


Procedure:   There are nine laboratory activities this term.  Lab reports are not handed in but will be evaluated by the instructor as the student leaves the laboratory room.  As indicated in the table above questions related to the labs will also be on the final.  Students are allowed to use their laboratory reports for the final so students are encouraged to provide as much detailed information in their reports as possible.



Laboratory Safety:  Safety in the laboratory is of utmost importance.  The instructor has taken every precaution to ensure that students have a safe working environment while performing laboratory activities.  Students should always use their best judgment while in the laboratory to make sure that they are working safely.  Please help keep the laboratory safe by notifying the instructor immediately of all potentially dangerous situations.



Meteorology 101 Laboratory


General Learning Goals & Abilities which apply to the laboratory activities: 

            1)  Learn and understand the scientific content described as learning objectives for each laboratory activity.

            2)  Use knowledge and skills developed in lecture and lab to explain laboratory results using the language of science.  Write clearly with appropriate style and mechanics.  Use diagrams and figures to help communicate ideas.  (Critical Thinking and Communication abilities)

            3)  Learn how to keep an accurate, neat, organized, and complete documentation of your scientific activity in much the same way that scientists do.  (Lifelong Learning and Information /Technology Abilities)

            4)  Manage time, meet deadlines, allow challenges to build discipline and confidence.  (Lifelong Learning Ability)

            5)  Work cooperatively with others in a group setting.  (Lifelong Learning Ability, Effective Citizenship)

            6)  Learn how to make precise and accurate measurements.  Learn how to determine the precision of measurements and calculations.  Learn that significant figures reflect the precision of measurement technique and of the final results. (Information /Technology Ability)

            7)   Work safely in the laboratory environment (Lifelong Learning Ability)




Lab Policies


3.         Bring a pencil and a calculator to lab with you.


4.        Try not to hurry through the lab exercises, rather try to understand them as you go along. The instructor is there to help you if you experience difficulty, not to tell you answers. Finish all data collection, calculations, and answer all questions before leaving the lab and have your instructor evaluate your work.


5.       Please act responsibly and safely at all times while in lab.  Please notify the instructor of any safety concerns that you may have while in lab.


6.         Lab write-ups are not collected.  Students will be given a grade of 0 through 10 on their lab reports and participation based on the instructor's impression of the overall quality of their work during each laboratory activity. 


Students should be on time.   If circumstances prohibit a student from arriving on time the student should plan on attending another lab section that week, or doing a make-up assignment (see below).


8.       8.  Any student missing more than 2 labs will receive an incomplete for the course (provided a C or better has been earned for all work in the course).  Each lab activity missed by the student will reduce their overall course grade by 2 %.  Laboratory exercises are assigned weekly. 




Misc. labs from past  do not do these and ignore comments


 Hurricane Strike Module    Worksheet  run in Standard Multi-media Version.  Complete these worksheets and submit through Moodle.  (questions on the final worth 10 pts)  (11 computers  if possible      

Vertical Motion Introduction 

Mountain Cloud Simulator               PDF activity sheet (10 pts)


Weather Maps 

Solar Zenith pdf    Word version(10 pts in lab and questions on the final worth 10 pts)  declination  shadow   House  (colored pencils, and protractors)

The lab activity has been designed as a do at home lab.  Youtube videos are embedded within the lab instructions to help you work through the lab. 


Solar Zenit Word version (20 pts)  declination  shadow   House  (colored pencils, and protractors)


Sun Clock Activity SunPath    Activity ( 20 pts). To make your graph use either Excel or graph by hand Blank Graph


CFC         (8computers  if possible  Activity sheet       Ozone

   Weather Maps Lab    part2

(8 computers  if possible 1980to2010Tornadoes.xls 


  Severe Storm Lab


 Carbon Dioxide Lab


CO2 Simulator Activity  CCFigure CarbonCycle  Plate tectonics  Subduction