Meteorology 101 course description: Fundamental theories in meteorology and current topics in the atmospheric sciences are developed conceptually for non-science students interested in the changing environment. Topics include atmospheric structure and composition, global circulation and atmospheric motions, clouds and precipitation, weather patterns and weather prediction, tornadoes, hurricanes, the greenhouse effect, atmospheric ozone, air pollution, and El Nino.

Text:  Meteorology Today  9th Edition, by C. Donald Ahrens  (8th edition is okay)

Corequisite:                Concurrent enrollment in METEOROLOGY 101 lab section is required.

Other Materials:        A calculator that does simple mathematical operations will greatly simplify some processes in this course, particularly in the lab.


Other available resources:  

There are a variety of World Wide Web sites that provide information and data related to current weather conditions and forecasts, meteorology, global change science, and the atmospheric sciences. 

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Learning objectives

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