By Anthony Russo

Writing a good answer to a short essay question

What Is A Good Answer?

  1. A good answer is quantitative. Avoid statements such as "Earth will warm up tremendously." Instead, say "Earth will warm by 2-4C in the next century." Avoid "drastic change", "astonishing rate"...
  2. A good answer is based on accurate sources. "According to the IPCC Report, ...", "Wally Broecker, a chemical oceanographer stated in 1990 that...". Avoid vague statements such as "Scientists say..."
  3. A good answer backs up statements with facts.
  4. A good answer is not an editorial. Avoid statements such as "I think we are burning too much fossil fuel." That is your opinion. To be useful, the statement must be supported by facts, expert opinion, and analysis.



Taken From Dr. Robert Stewarts Environmental Geoscience 105 Review