Environmental Science 109

Short Summary of Scientific Paper, Essay, or video

During this course students will be asked to read specific scientific articles and/or essays, or watch a video, and to submit a short written summary.  Below is the criteria that will be used to assess the quality of your summary.


Criteria to be used when evaluating your summary. 


  • Use an opening sentence or two stating the title of the original work, the author, and his/her affiliation. 
  • A paragraph or two describing the key points made in the video.  Discus any ideas, thoughts, or questions that were generated in your mind by the essay or video.

  • Include at least one Figure (graph, diagram, or picture) related to the article or video in your summary.  Put a figure caption on the Figure to clearly identify its content or purpose.  This may be a figure that you draw or a reproduction of one that is in the article or other resource. Discussing data makes writing the summary easier and scientific writing should reference relevant data whenever possible.  Also a figure of any kind makes a paper much more fun to read.


  • Check your spelling and grammar carefully, and have a friend proof read your final draft.

         Don't be afraid to revise your paper several times.

         Include a complete citation of all references. (References are optional)

         Be clear and concise in your summary.


    * Optional  A list of all References used . 


     References must be complete. 

          For Journals or magazine articles references should include:

                      Author, publication date, Title of article, Journal name, volume, number, and page number.

          For books the reference should include:

                      the Author, Title of book, Chapter, page number(s), publisher with city, publication date

          For World Wide Web sites the reference should include:

                      Title, author, affiliation, and complete URL address.